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chapter 5 not again

alex in the town. he saw a diner up ahead and headed to it. as he was driving there, he saw from one side of the road the psychic woman's place swarming with cops. he saw her body being taken into an ambulance and sighed feeling sorry for her feeling a bit like it was his fault. he looked away from the scene and kept his eyes on the road again. he reached the diner and parked his motorcycle. as he got off he looked at the sign of the diner. it read Pine Tree Diner. it matched along without the rest of the town he was at. he rolled his eyes from behind his sunglasses annoyed by the names of the places in this town then didn't care anymore and walked into the diner. he saw only 5 people sitting inside. he went to the counter and sat on the green stool. the counters were made of wood with glass on top of it. the smell of cinnamon pine cones filled the place more then the smell of the food. he sighed dizzy just from it all. the waitress came up to him from behind the counter" what can i get for ya  young man" she said. he looked up at her. she was a bit fat and had short curly orange hair. she seemed to be about 40 years old by the look of the few wrinkles that showed on her. she was wearing her light green uniform and white apron. she had a bit mole above her lip that made alex want to throw up but held it in. the badge on her chest said her name. it read Katie. the lady look at him as she waited" can i get you anything kid?" she said not able to wait any longer. alex rubbed his head tired" oh right…sorry….do you have any beer? maybe a bottle?" he asked. the lady glared bait at him" have you ever ben to a diner before son?" she asked like she thought he was joking but also was confused. he sighed" not sense i was 2…" he said remembering when him and his parents us to go to the diner up their street from where they lived and at breakfast there almost everyday. his dad was best friends without the owner of the diner and would eat with him a lot too. those were one of alex's favorite moments of the once happy life he once had. he sighed as he was back into reality" sorry….ill just get a coffee black then…" he said. the lady saw alex seemed a bit sad and weakly smiled" how about a coffee black with some flap jakes? and the flap jakes are on me ok?" she winked. alex looked at her and showed a small smile even though he thought she was ugly but kind" thank you…" he said. the lady smiled" its what i do hun" she said back to him then left to get his order ready. alex sat waiting looking at the wall of pictures with towns people standing by pine trees. it seemed like a nice little town. he noticed that some of the people in it where nice. he remembered how nice the one girl he saved and helped yesterday was. he remembered her brown hair, her blue eyes. her pink lips. her smile. he shock his head not wanting to think about her anymore. he felt the worm feeling again just thinking about her. he felt he knew her before some how. like in a dream or in the past or someone he may have drove by while riding to places in his life." why should i care about it….i only helped the girl thats all….i dot even know her name for crying out loud" he said to himself in his head" she's probable no one i should even think or worry about…so why am i still thinking about her?..why do i….care a little about her…" he said in his head then lad his head face down on the counter tired of it all. a tap was heard near his head. the lady had set his coffee down by him. he looked up at her" here you go hun. it will wake you up" he smiled then left to get his pancakes before he could say thank you. he sighed and took a sip of his coffee. it had a strong taste with a bit of cinnamon to it. it burned his mouth a little from how hot it was. he took another sip liking it none the less. then someone sat next to him. the smell of a sweet perfume he could not name stung his nose. he turned to the person sitting next to him. it was her. the girl he helped yesterday. she smiled at him" hey its you…um…alex right?" she said with her light friendly voice. he said nothing and kept drinking his coffee trying to ignore her. her smile went weak seeing how he was not talking to her still like yesterday." oh..sorry…i didn't mean to bug you…i was just.." alex stopped her from finishing and looked at her" did you fallow me? if so then why?" he said. the girl looked a bit nerves as he seemed mad as he asked her that. like he was mad at her." what? no!what do you think i am crazy?" she said a bit mad at him. " maybe…" alex said. the girl looked a bit mad at him" well sorry. but if you must know, i come here all the time. its my favorite diner in this town: she said. alex looked away from  her with a weak smile" its the only diner in this town" he said then took another sip of his coffee. she rolled her eyes at him" boy you sure are a grump aren't  you?" she said with a smile messing with him. alex turned to her with no emotion not caring but inside did care for that joking comment. she giggled" sorry…..look…i don't want to start yours or my morning off bad…" she said trying to be nice again. alex made a short laugh" trust me…….my morning started bad already…..its a long story…" he said and drank more of his coffee. she looked a bit upset at him hurt" look…i'm only trying to be nice to you…why do you not like me? do you really hate me for nothing? what did i ever do to you that you already did to me?" she said then got up and moved to another part of the room of the diner and sat alone at a table. he looked at her a bit surprised. what did she mean by already did. did she know him from somewhere else?" he saw how sad he made he and sighed angry feeling bad now" oh great…." he said and got up and took his coffee with him to take to her table. she looked away from him and he stood at her" look…..i'm sorry…..i didn't mean to hurt your…feelings….i know you were only trying to be nice…i should have given you a chance…i'm just…not a happy person..i got a lot of problems in my life you cant understand….." he said. the girls sadly smiled seeing he was telling the truth" well……its ok…why don't you make it up to me by…sitting down…and we can talk and eat together?" she said kindly. alex made a small smile" sounds fine…." he said and sat down and set his coffee down on the table." well…i want to say sorry about yesterday too……i was not in a good mood that day either.." alex said. she weakly smiled" its ok….being new in town not knowing anyone can make you a bit crabby" she giggled joking. he only smiled from that. she smiled at him" you know…you can get around just fine in this town if you smiled like that more…" she said. alex sighed" yeah….but..why make a fake smile when you are really not happy?.." he said his smile went away. she looked at him a bit sad" what do you mean? are you upset about something?" she asked worried. he looked away" i…its a long story too….i don't want to talk about it…" he said and drank more of his coffee." are you sure…you don't want to talk about it?….i'm a great person to talk to.." she said being nice. alex felt his anger rise up" NO!" he yelled mad. everyone looked at him surprised. alex looked down" sorry…..its something i don't want to talk to anyone about ok?" he said to her. everyone went back to eating. she weakly smiled" ok…sorry….it must have ben pretty bad if you don't want to talk about it…" she said feeling sorry for him." i know how it feels to…lose some people you love believe me.." she said. alex looked up at her surprised" how did you?.." he said. she giggled" i can read people…its what makes me such a great person to talk to.." she smiled. he sighed" yeah well….there is more to me you wouldn't want to know about me….." he said. she sadly smiled and set her hand on his. he looked at his hand with her hand on it then up at her. she was smiling at him" i can try if you let me…." she said. he slowly moved his hand away" no thanks…..i don't want to get to no anyone….or close to anyone" he said. she sighed" yeah..well…i thought that way too…after i lost my best friend when i was 3…." she said. alex looked at her" what do you mean? what happened to your friend?" he asked. she weakly smiled" he was my best friend……we were like brother and sister….we practically grew up together. we were neighbors…." she said. " what happened to him?" he asked. she sighed" his parents died one night….someone broke in i think…he was taken to an orphanage…i never saw him again…until now.." she smiled at him.alex looked surprised" what?..who are you?" he said. she smiled" its me alex….liz…remember?" she said. alex looked shocked at her. the waitress set his pancakes down but alex got up out of his seat and walked out" alex wait ! " liz called out to him. but he was already out the door and gone.
the next chapter to my shadow hero series i am making myself of my character i made up alex
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